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  • July 11 2022

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    Wheel speed sensor  is a transmitter device used to read the speed of vehicle wheel rotation It usually consists of toothed rings and pickups. For modern cars, wheel speed information is essential. Vehicle dynamic control system (VDC), vehicle electronic stability program (ESP), anti-lock braking sy...

  • July 2 2022

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    For industrial applications, there are usually many different heating methods, such as convection heating, radiation heating, induction heating, open flame heating or other heating methods.So why choose induction heating over other heating methods?The following is a brief summary of the main advanta...

  • February 12 2022

    Sign up for a free SpaceEdge Technology account, enter your API key, and start messaging with the WhatsApp API today. Before you can send messages to your customers using the WhatsApp API, you need to generate a WhatsApp API key and link your WhatsApp business account to WhatsApp CRM. Integrating th...

  • April 15 2021

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    The global formic acid market is expected to be valued at USD 837.8 Million in 2027 from USD 760.5 Million in 2019, registering a CAGR of 1.2% through the forecast period. Formic acid, also known as carboxylic acid, is a colorless, corrosive chemical substance naturally found in a variety of plants ...