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  • August 31 2022

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    When you need to share a photo, document, or other file with someone nearby, you probably think of sending an email or text message. However, those are not the only options available. YoWhatsApp Today we will look at an overlooked Google app called Nearby that can be used for sharing files in a more...

  • August 29 2022

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    When you download an app from the Google Play store, you have the peace of mind that it’s been tested for safety and won’t harm your device. But what happens if you discover a new app that you just can’t resist installing? Do you risk installing it directly? What if someone sends it to you in a mess...

  • August 29 2022

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    When it comes to game development, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each game genre has its own set of unique challenges which must be taken into account at every step of the process. FMWhatsApp Moreover, individual gaming mechanics have specific needs which aren’t catered to by every engine o...

  • August 20 2022

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    With so many different and fragmented Android devices in the world, it's no wonder that manufacturers need more than one way to get you into their recovery mode. If you're having issues with your phone or tablet and aren't sure what to do, you'll often find that the best solution is to boot your dev...

  • August 20 2022

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    When working with ADB and fastboot, there may be times when the process requires you to boot your device into a special mode. Each device has different methods for entering this fastboot mode, but the general process is the same for all Android devices. It’s possible that you may need to reboot your...

  • July 11 2022

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    Wheel speed sensor  is a transmitter device used to read the speed of vehicle wheel rotation It usually consists of toothed rings and pickups. For modern cars, wheel speed information is essential. Vehicle dynamic control system (VDC), vehicle electronic stability program (ESP), anti-lock braking sy...

  • July 2 2022

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    For industrial applications, there are usually many different heating methods, such as convection heating, radiation heating, induction heating, open flame heating or other heating methods.So why choose induction heating over other heating methods?The following is a brief summary of the main advanta...

  • February 12 2022

    Sign up for a free SpaceEdge Technology account, enter your API key, and start messaging with the WhatsApp API today. Before you can send messages to your customers using the WhatsApp API, you need to generate a WhatsApp API key and link your WhatsApp business account to WhatsApp CRM. Integrating th...

  • April 15 2021

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    The global formic acid market is expected to be valued at USD 837.8 Million in 2027 from USD 760.5 Million in 2019, registering a CAGR of 1.2% through the forecast period. Formic acid, also known as carboxylic acid, is a colorless, corrosive chemical substance naturally found in a variety of plants ...