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  • November 15 2021

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      Today afternoon, the Arizona Cardinals will face the Carolina Panthers at State Farm Stadium. For new players, buying Madden Coins is a good choice. This will likely be a battle to replace the quarterback, P.J. Walker of Carolina, and Colt McCoy of the Cardinals for the second consecutive week. Ho...

  • April 25 2021

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    Looking for all the information about Madden 22? Then you have come to the right place. Few things are more reliable than Madden's new products. Every summer (between June and August), American football fans go to physical and digital stores to buy the latest (but still the only) annual NFL simulati...

  • April 22 2021

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    Madden NFL 21 has spawned some of the most interesting glitches in recent video games, and players have not stopped sharing them. After its release, "Madden 21" was full of bugs and glitches, resulting in the game getting the worst user rating on Metacritic. Since then, EA has made many updates to t...

  • April 20 2021

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    Madden 21 has all the famous guards in the NFL, and these are the top teams. In American football, the most important position in a team is arguably the quarterback. And in the team's offense is also in a leading position, but it is also often the spokesperson of the NFL team. In Madden, these eleme...

  • April 18 2021

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    Unlike wide receivers or West Coast quarterbacks, players know they can expect these blockers to be consistent. This is an incredible fact: at the end of the season, all these top ten offensive forwards are predicted to be the top ten forwards. Some people’s rankings have risen or fallen, but this o...

  • April 15 2021

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    The general success in fantasy football depends on the ability to judge the position of the receiver. Even kickers don't have widespread receiver-like volatility. One week is a 200-yard game with 3 touchdowns, and the next week, a 9-yard catch. Therefore, it is not surprising that the receiver with ...

  • April 13 2021

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    A good central defender can change the atmosphere of the Madden 21 game. These are the highest-rated guards in the game. Those who watched Madden NFL 21 games in the past year are considered to be the most talented gamers in the show industry. When analysts delved into the numbers and watched replay...

  • April 11 2021

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    Madden 22 will be the final version of the National Football League game developed by EA Sports. The version is scheduled to be released in August 2021, but what can NFL fans expect from this game this year?The Madden NFL (formerly known as John Madden Football) was first released in 1988 and was fi...

  • April 7 2021

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    Creating the perfect denim-themed suit in Madden 21 MUT is a fun but challenging task. This is the best team you can build.At Madden 21, the US team has a lot of impressive cards. At this point in the life cycle, cowboy is undoubtedly one of the better theme suits in the game. In MUT 21, the themed ...

  • April 5 2021

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    EA's "Top 50" promotion released a new card for the legendary football player Madden NFL 21.Despite the obvious problems with the franchise format, EA's sales this year are still incredible. Their "50" promotion introduces 50 special cards for Madden 21 Ultimate Team, and players can upgrade new car...

  • April 1 2021

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    Compared with the trial version of Madden 22 on EA Play (that is, the release date of the game), we still have a few months, but this has not slowed people's speculation about how EA Sports will improve after Madden 21.We got a steady stream of MUT 21 content in Madden 21, but the final trial of Mad...

  • April 1 2021

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    EA is releasing another update for Madden NFL 21's franchise model, thereby changing the way players trade work to make it fairer and more realistic.EA plans to release a new update for Madden NFL 21, which will solve another long-term problem in the franchise model, making player transactions easie...