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  • November 11 2021

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      In the game, the 99 Club is the name given to the players who boast the highest rating. Buy MUT 22 Coins at the MMOSO, you can get a discount. In the latest Madden NFL 22 roster update video game, Patrick Mahomes, who has been a member of the 99 Club twice, the rating dropped one point. Kansas Cit...

  • November 8 2021

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    The ninth week of the game is approaching, and it seems that the secret has been revealed. The MMOSO website provides players to buy MUT 22 Coins. Whenever you play against the Philadelphia Eagles, it may be a good idea to put two bodies on Javon Hargrave as much as possible. He is known for being ...

  • March 24 2021

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    Madden NFL 21 offers a comprehensive football game for any fan. Whether you’re new to the series or a returning veteran, you can have fun in any of Madden 21’s various modes. One of those modes is Madden Ultimate Team. MUT gives you the ability to build your dream team comprised of your favorite NFL...

  • January 15 2021

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    Madden NFL 20 has been with us for more than a month, and fans have already experienced new content during its release. Gradually, the players' most concerned about is shifting from the game's launch to how to get in-game currency, which can help you increase the team's OVR and new packs. Getting a ...

  • September 28 2020

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    In madden 21 Ultimate Group, The in-game currency in the Madden 21 Ultimate Team is the Madden Coins . Playing Madden 21 for a decent quantity will net you adequate rewards for upgrades and rare things but you may like to employ a strategy that may be fairly productive in having you Madden 21 Ultima...

  • June 23 2020

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    Since the late 1980s, John Madden has provided us with an interesting video game. In 2020, EA will launch the latest version of popular games. The Denver Broncos are expected to become a highly rated team. If you want to build your own ultimate team in the game, MUT Coins is your biggest support. De...

  • June 21 2020

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    EA Sports released the "Madden NFL 21" unveiling trailer this morning, which is not what people expected.This trailer was fired for several weeks and was even delayed by EA Sports. Therefore, when the trailer finally arrived here, fans were expecting something substantial. On the contrary, our descr...

  • June 18 2020

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    In case you missed it, the official "Maden 21" trailer and game cover were unveiled on Tuesday morning, and as expected, there were a lot of MUT Coins throughout the process.Although the trailer is packed with highlights from players such as Jackson, Christian McCaffrey, Russell Wilson and Sacquian ...

  • June 8 2020

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    EA Sports accidentally stated the release date of "Madden 21" in a video, This is another unfortunate leak of EA Sports during the offseason, because Lamar Jackson accidentally revealed that he will be the cover character of this year's game. Although this error is Jackson's fault, the latest news i...

  • June 4 2020

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    Since we are trapped at home, many people across the country are still waiting for a decision on whether the 2020-21 NFL season will proceed as scheduled, and whether the role of MUT Coins in Madden 21 is the same. There were many changes to the virtual draft and the decision of the free agency duri...

  • June 3 2020

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    When COVID-19 led to a shutdown, March Madness, along with the NBA, NHL and MLB, thrived on the multibillion-dollar sports betting industry from these leagues. During this period, despite the lack of on-site sports activities, bookmakers are still scrambling to maintain the interest of sports betto...

  • June 2 2020

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    There is no better opponent in the NFL than Browns / Steers. The rusty opponent is the theme of our latest Madden 20 sim, along with Brown, equipped with Hall of Fame members Jim Brown, Otto Graham and Ozzie Newsome, and received one including Franco Harris A large roster of historical giants. The ...