Psyonix announced Rocket League’s free-to-play transition in July

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  • As per engineer Psyonix, the current year's connection with Stranger Things will show in an extra scope of unlockable things, all roused by the Netflix show, and an extraordinarily scared up form of Rocket League Items Farmstead field. This will see the stage get an Upside Down makeover, including dark red skies and the overwhelming type of the Mind Flayer - the two of which, alongside a couple of the guaranteed occasional beauty care products, can be found in the trailer underneath.
    A week ago Rocket League Trading designer Psyonix followed through on their guarantee to eliminate plunder cases from the game, supplanting them with "Diagrams" that permitted players to buy makeup straightforwardly. Sounded great in principle, however the costs were crazy – Psyonix was charging as much as 2300 credits, or $20 in addition to in genuine cash, for single things. By correlation, Rocket League's old plunder cases were semi randomized, yet the keys you expected to open them and open things cost a level expense of 100 credits. All in all, for the 2300 credits Psyonix was currently requesting a solitary thing, you could've recently purchased 23 keys that would get you 23 things.
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